DIAGER, from France, has been manufacturing quality drill bits for even the most demanding professionals. PGM and ANSI for our drill bits’ compliance with international drill bit standards. Highly qualified employees and modern production facilities mean Diager is a innovative and technological manufacturer working in harmony with environmental concerns.

VSM, from Germany, is one of the global leaders in the abrasives market. VSM’s company performance is consistently on a very high level, which means, our customers can be sure to get excellent quality every time. Our goal is to evaluate and optimize our customers’ grinding processes to save cost without sacrificing quality.

LEISTER is a Swiss Company and a Worldwide Market Leader in Plastic Welding and Process Heat Technologies. The performance and reliability of their products makes Leister the first choice for any plastic welding or Process Heat Related Work. Leister Tools are used in roofing, billboards, tarpaulins, civil engineering, tunneling, landfills, plastic fabrication, flooring, and shrinking to name a few.

DEWALT, from USA, set itself the challenge of creating the most comprehensive system of the safest, highest performing professional construction tools in the world.

LINKTECH, from India, is primarily involved in the manufacture of the highest quality of manhole rungs of various metals like stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel or any other metal according to our client's requirements. The only company of its kind in this line in India, LTE's products are exported all over the world and are known for their superior quality and custom made designs.

SAMEDIA, from Germany, is a manufacturer of specialized cutting and Coring Tools. They own the breakthrough SHOXX technology which is a major innovation in the cutting tools Industry which makes the cutting 2x faster and the disc life 2x longer than the 'best'.