Plastic Fabrication

Extrusion Welders


Weldplast S6

WELDPLAST S6 is the world's highest rated handheld extrusion welder. With an output of 6 kg/h, it is surprisingly maneuverable. It features a brushless, preheat motor, multifunction display and comfortable ergo-grip – making the S6 Leister's flagship extrusion welder.

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Weldplast S4

The WELDPLAST S4 is the first extrusion welder of its kind with brushless, maintenance-free motor for generating preheated air. Output of up to four kilograms per hour is made possible thanks to the S4's powerful drive system.

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Weldplast S2

The WELDPLAST S2 is a compact, ergonomically designed workhorse. The handy size extruder puts out two kilograms per hour an can even weld TPO materials without difficulty.

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Weldplast S1

With the new WELDPLAST S1 compact extruder, you can achieve perfect seam quality with plate thicknesses of 4 to 12 mm and a maximum output power of 0.8 kg/h (PVC: up to 1.15 kg/h). The double-sided, twist-free wire intake can work with 3 to 4 mm wires.

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The smallest tool still packs a punch: With separately regulated heating systems for preheated air and filler, the llightweight and compact WELDMAX fulfills even the most stringent requirements.

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Fusion 3C

The somewhat shorter FUSION 3C provides an astounding output volume of up to 3.6 kilograms per hour.

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Fusion 3

With its long and narrow shape, the FUSION 3 enables comfortable work, even on the floor. The somewhat shorter 3C provides an astounding output volume of up to 3.6 kilograms (eight pounds) per hour.

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Fusion 2

The FUSION 2 convinces with its ergonomic design. The simple operation and first-class welding quality have helped it to become the breakthrough product.

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