Lifting socket

Lifting socket provides the most effective method of lifting and fixing precast concrete elements. There are many kinds of fixing sockets. These strong steel tubular sockets are supplied with a through hole below the thread to take a reinforcing bar, located and tied to the main reinforcement in order to provide a secure anchorage point in the concrete. Available in zinc plated steel or stainless steel.


Lifting loops

Lifting loops are interrelated lifting components which are used in the pre-cast concrete structure manufacturing and building industries to aid transportation and placement of structural components conveniently and safely. Lifting loops are manufactured from wire rope clinched firmly into an externally threaded steel ferrule.


Wire Rope Lifting System

The Wire Rope Lifting System is an economical lifting loop for utility type structures. It is used in either face or edge lifts applications and is ‘mucked’ into the surface of the concrete. The galvanized wire rope is formed in a figure-8 shape, with the ends of the rope secured by a positive swaged clamp, and a steel band at approximately the midpoint to establish the proper shape. The Wire Rope Lifting System is embedded 2/3 of its length into the concrete.


Two-Hole anchor

The Two -Hole anchor is simple, but for universal use. This allows the lifting of very thin and/or low concrete compressive strength panels. The load is distributed into the concrete by the reinforcement rebar inserted through the bottom hole which distributes the tension forces, developed from the lifting process, deep into the precast concrete.


Plastic Corner Chamfer

The Plastic Corner Chamfer are widely used to form chamfered edge and angled groove lines, various area such as Column, Canopy, Rain water drip line and also for Concrete Piles construction.


Wheel Spacer

The Wheel Spacer has been designed as a strong and lightweight reinforcement spacer for vertical precast concrete construction. Locking hub keeps wheels in place during placement of steel or pouring of concrete, and provides minimal contact with form. Designed to allow unimpeded concrete flow through the spokes and with small contact members to assure the minimum contact to the formwork and assure a maximum load capacity.


Chair Spacer

The Chair Spacer offer support for many different steel sizes. This spacer is the most popular spacer for horizontal placed reinforcement in slabs and beams. It has good stability and can be used with various bar diameters due to its concave seat. Designed for light reinforcement in slabs and beams.


Clip Spacer

A Clip Spacer is a very strong plastic, designed for supporting a minimum load of 100 Kg according to German performance class L2 (1KN) each and for bar diameters from 6m/m to 32 m/m. The clip spacers can be used for various applications in horizontal positions in pre-cast or in situ concrete.


Backup rods

Backup rods are the flexible, readily compressible, open-cell polyurethane backup strip for silicone sealants. These materials are used to achieve correct depth of the sealant and act as a bond breaker, avoiding adhesive sealant to the bottom of the joint. It cures under the influence of atmospheric moisture to form an elastomeric material with adhesive properties, in some cases without the need for priming of the substrate.


Lifting shackle

The Lifting shackle is used as lifting device with the Lifting anchor system. Coupling on/off can be made easily manual with one hand. This lifting device can be applied for axial, diagonal and lateral loadings. The Lifting shackle consists of resistant forged steel and is galvanized. The worked in claws help to lift the anchor head. The coup lung section for hook and shackle suits for all areas of application because of the flexible design.


Steel Chamfers

Steel Chamfers are reusable and durable. They are designed to create beveled edges on the corners and faces of concrete wall panels and small concrete items.


Ring Clutch

The Ring Clutch consists of a clutch body, a curved bolt and a high-strength bail. Installation and release is safe and simple. After the clutch is inserted over the anchor head and into the recess, the curved bolt is rotated into the closed position. Rotation of the standard bail is a full 360°. Once engaged and supporting four hundred pounds of load, the ring clutch cannot be released.


Manhole Steps

Step rungs are produced by plastic coating (either PE or PPCP water and impact resistant reinforced plastic) on metal bars of optional sizes and grades like corrugated steel, stainless steel, aluminum bars and pipes. They are used and preferred in waste water removal systems, pools, manholes, etc. due to their easy assembling and corrosion and impact resistance. We offer the highest quality of manhole rungs [Ladder Steps] of various metals like stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel or any other metal, as per demand. These steps are exported the world over and are known for their superior quality and custom made designs.

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Detectable Warning Tapes

Global Source supplies a range of Detectable Warning Tapes under it’s brand-name Global DWT®. Detectable Warning Tapes are a corrosion-resistant, designed for the protection and location of non-metallic or low metal underground cables and pipes. The detectability of this tape gives the operator on the job site a more simplified and practical method of locating buried cables / pipes.


Non-detectable Warning Tapes


Plastic Welding Rods

A plastic welding rod, also known as a thermoplastic welding rod, is a rod with circular or triangular cross-section used to bind two pieces of plastic together. They are available in a wide range of colors to match the base material’s color.


Plastic Welding Strips

Plastic Welding strips are supplied in HDPE and PVC material based on the client’s requirement. The Strip comes in a standard width of 10cms and 15 meters length. It is used to join / fill the spaces between the liners to make the plastic insulation 100% inside the element – Manhole, Culvert etc. The installation is done either by Hot Air Welding or Extrusion Welding. For Hot air welding, you would need a Hot Air Blower, a One Arm Pressure Roller and a Quarter Moon Knife. For Extrusion Welding, an extrusion welder will be sufficient.


Hot Air Hand Tools

Leister hot-air hand tools are used worldwide and are attractive because of their high reliability, Swiss quality and comprehensive selection of system accessories and consumable materials. These tools are robust and reliable and have proven themselves over and again at various job sites worldwide and are the most preferred hot-air tools by professionals.

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Various materials and systems are available for sealing flat or pitched roofs. The majority of the materials processed to this end around the world consist of plastic geomembranes (PVC and TPO) or modified bitumen. The individual sheets are usually laid so that they overlap. Leister has the right tools for welding all these materials. Alongside welding machines, a variety of hand welding tools with matching nozzles and devices for testing the welding templates are available for details.

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Technical Textiles & Industrial Fabrics

It is impossible to imagine life today without billboards or industrial fabrics. Whether it is classic billboards on buildings or at events, tents, covers, tarpaulins, architectural structures or sunblinds: it is always a product which was more than likely welded with Leister tools. Leister has always been at home in this important market and boasts unique know-how accordingly. The development of new tools is a top priority for Leister in this application area too. Alongside welding machines, hand welding tools from Leister are utilized here as well, together with matching nozzles and Leister's legendary pressure rollers.

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Civil engineering / tunnels / disposal applications

In civil engineering, tunneling, and disposal applications, the quality of the sealing system is the top priority. Any leaks can have fatal consequences. Therefore, it is incredibly important that the processing quality fulfills extremely stringent requirements. Not only the material itself and the processor are responsible for this – in large part, so is the tool used to carry out the work. Leister tools not only facilitate incredibly precise welding, they also stand out from the crowd thanks to their ergonomics. They can be relied on, no matter where in the world they are used.

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Plastic Fabrication

Thermoplastics are being used more and more for storing a huge range of liquids or for manufacturing what can be complex process equipment, such as fans or pumps. Plastic's resistance to corrosion and material strength are usually the reasons why it is used. In addition, the price of a part made from plastic is lower than that of one made from metallic materials. Leister offers a full range of hand extruders, hand welding tools with integrated blowers, hand tools operated with an external fan (together with matching blowers), and a variety of nozzles for this application area.

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Whether in public spaces, hospitals or a domestic setting: Floor coverings made from PVC-P vinyl, PE or linoleum are clean and easy to care for, making them really popular. With Leister tools, the process of connecting panels or sheets is clean and simple. The full range in this application area covers groove cutters, hot-air welding machines, and a wide spectrum of hand welding tools and accessories.

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Slump Cone

The concrete slump test is an empirical test that measures the workability of fresh concrete. More specifically, it measures the consistency of the concrete in that specific batch. This test is performed to check the consistency of freshly made concrete. Consistency is a term very closely related to workability.


Cube Mould

Cube moulds are used in the preparation of concrete cube specimens of high strength materials for compression testing. These concrete moulds are employed to examine the strength of the Concrete, cement and some classes of lime. Cube mould are made in cast iron. Machined surface finished by flat grinding machine.





Sieve analysis is generally used for monitoring and analysing the grain-size distribution of a prepared sample. The particle size distribution is critical to the way a material performs in use. Sieve analysis can be carried out on all types of organic and non-organic granular materials such as sands, clays, coals, crushed rock, granite, soil, as well as many different manufactured powders, seeds and grain.


Cylinder Mould

Cylinder moulds are used in making concrete testing specimen. They are constructed of Glavanized steel or cast iron are dimensionally stable under severe use. Moulds are split along one side with 2 quick-acting clamps welded the mould. When open, mould springs apart slightly to allow specimen removal. It includes a detachable base plate.


Power Tools

A power tool is a tool that is actuated by an additional power source and mechanism other than the solely manual labour used with hand tools.


High Quality Abrasives

Global Source, in association with VSM Abrasives offers the highest grade of abrasives for Polishing, Sanding, Grinding etc.With over 140 years of experience VSM is one of the global leaders in the abrasives market. Coated abrasives are VSM’s core competence. VSM stands for HIGH PERFORMANCE, VSM stands for COMPETENCE, VSM stands for RELIABILITY. VSM’s company performance is consistently on a very high level, which means, VSM’s customers can be sure to get excellent quality every time.


VSM Abrasive Belts


VSM Sanding Disc


VSM Flap Disc


VSM Jumbo Rolls


Concrete Diamond Disc

Dedicated to cut concrete and building materials. Powerful and versatile cutting blades can be used in other materials / applications. Check the product pages to assess the product's compliance with materials.


Universal Diamond Disc

The SAMEDIA universal blades are able to cut almost everything from marble to SML pipes. Even if you've got special needs, remember that SAMEDIA can always meet your needs. These special tools are made for this. These special tools are made for this.


Tiles Diamond Disc

The SAMEDIA Tiles & Ceramic diamond blades are specially made to cut tilings and sandstones. These powerful yet versatile cutting tools can be used in other materials / operations. See the product's compliance with materials.


Granite Diamond Disc

Cut granite, concrete and building materials. These efficient and versatile cutting blades can be used in other materials / operations. Consult the product sheets to check the optimal and possible applications.


Asphalt Diamond Disc

The asphalt discs of Samedia are optimized for cutting asphalt and abrasive stone . They are also compatible with other applications. Check the discs for optimal and possible applications.


Special Diamond Disc

SAMEDIA offer a wide range of special tools corresponding to your needs. You wish to chamfer, burr / deburr, disjoint, channel, cut joints, mill, remove chips ?


Core Bits

SAMEDIA concrete core bits are suitable with wet or dry use. They work with our stand or portable coring devices.

1 core bits range is available for concrete coring : Master.



New concrete breaker tip(Self-centering tip, 1600 angle, Maximized chiseling effect and spalling of the concrete), Square spiral(Combining a compression channel with a depression camber gives an instant result: perfectly controlled dust removal!), SDS-plus Attachement(Adjustable for all SDS-plus hammer machines).



Perfect holes(The 1200 angle guarantees perfect concentric holes (3x1200= 360). The booster enables straight drilling), Dust Removal(The square flute design , combines a high pressure channel with a low pressure chamber, enables a better dust removal. Its strengthened body reduces vibrations during drilling), Hammering power(The heat treatment under controlled atmosphere and the optimized ground geometry enables to generate a profile of hardness which restores the full hammer effect and power of the machine).


B3 Max

Booster headTriple cutting edges. Drills through infourced concrete. Flute3 flutes that combine a compression passage and depression chamber to accelerate the expulsion of dust. SDS-max shankBooster technology with SDS- max shanks.

b3 max


Anti - blocking, Life span, Hole calibration to the diameter, Concentric hole, Increase flex resistance of debris and dust.


GSAFE Safety Jackets

GSAFE Reflective Safety Jackets are used by people at work to enhance their visibility to others. These jackets are customized on the basis of different parameters under the supervision of skilled professionals. Our jackets provide high standard of reflection.


GSAFE Safety Helmet

GSAFE Safety Helmets absorbs much of the force of impact, during a fall or crash that would otherwise be directed to the head. In certain models, thick plastic foam (firm polystyrene) inside the hard outer shell of a helmet provides protection that cushions the blow. Global Source can offer helmets with your Company Logo printed on special non-removable stickers. Kindly get in touch with us to know more.


GSAFE Safety Gloves

GSAFE Working Gloves and Welding Gloves are amongst the best available Working Gloves available in the market. The Working Gloves are 10.5″ long, generally composed with Yellow Plain Rubberized Cuff, Yellow Plain Cotton Back and Thick Grey Cowhide Split Leather With Lining. The Welding Gloves are Red in Color made from Cow Split Leather with Full Lining and up to 16″ long.


GSAFE Safety Shoes

GSAFE Safety Shoes are a combination of Economy and Safety. While stiff price competition has actually taken the safety out of the Safety Shoes, we at Global Source understand the purpose of a Safety Shoe and have maintained it’s functionalities while trying not to burden the client’s expenses.


Safety Mesh


GSAFE Coveralls

GSAFE Coveralls are widely used by workers. Apart from the primary function of being a Safety Product, it also serves as a uniform to the company using it. To enhance aesthetics, printing on garments can be done by us which is also simple and cheap. We use a number of different print processes allowing us to deliver exactly what our customers require from basic text to full colour logos or even pictures.


GSAFE Ear plugs

GSAFE Ear plugs are a relief while working in noisy environments. Loud noise not only interferes with your concentration at work, it can also cause hearing loss.


GSAFE Dust Mask

GSAFE Dust Masks are a flexible pad held over the nose and mouth by elastic or rubber straps to protect against dusts encountered during construction or cleaning activities, such as dusts from drywall concrete, wood, fiberglass, silica (from ceramic or glass production), or sweeping. Dust masks are a cheaper, lighter, and possibly more comfortable alternative to respirators.


Acoustic Wood Wool Boards

Acoustic wood wool boards are used for their insulation properties. They can be effectively used to insulate against both sound and heat. The boards are available in hexagonal shape hence allowing to be arranged and installed based on aesthetic needs. The hexboards are available in various colours and are easy to install, these boards provide thermal resistance of 0.51sq.m/K (R Value = 4 (US units) per inch) and a sound absorption coefficient of 0.98 over wide band. Light weight product, Easy and quick to install, Sound proof, Heat Proof, Fire Resistant, Immune to organic infestation, Eco-Friendly are the key features.